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  • Kate Casey

How I found myself here selling amazing, cheap toddler clothes!

I set up Simply Preloved Children's Boutique following the birth of my youngest in 2020 because I love finding bargains! Simply Preloved Children's Boutique is a mum-run, family and needs-focused business sharing my enthusiasm for good quality preloved children's garments with you.

About me

As a youngster in the 80s, my wardrobe consisted mainly of homemade and second hand outfits. I vividly remember my mum taking me to a small shop in our local town called “Nips & Tucks” where you could buy and sell preloved childrenswear. We would take in a bag of outgrown items in good condition and (if I was good!) I would be allowed to pick something from the shop. I can still remember the excitement of thumbing through the rails and seeing if I could find something pretty in my size; I think this is where I first fell in love with finding unique pieces for bargain prices. I remember that I didn’t have a huge amount of outfits but the ones I did own I loved very much. After my baby girl was born, I was a single mum for eight years, surviving on a single income. I was fortunate enough to work with a group of women who all had slightly older children, and they lovingly passed on their outgrown clothes to her. I was extremely grateful for this, meaning I could save my salary for household expenses. I understand how hard it can be to find the money for children's clothing after finding money for rent/mortgage, bills and food costs because I have walked that road.

Why preloved?

You may be concerned about the fashion industry's impact on the environment, you may want to dress your child with a more unique, retro style, or you may be affected by the cost of living crisis. An article published online by the New Economics Foundation in March 2022 cited: “Over a third (34%) of households, 23.4 million people, will be unable to afford the cost of living by £8,600 on average by April 2022, according to a new analysis by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) published today. This figure includes nearly half (48%) of all children, almost all (96%) of children living in families out of work, eight in 10 (77%) in single-parent households, and four in 10 (43%) in working families.” This is the reality for a lot of people. After bills, rent, and mortgages have been paid, they might not be much, if anything, left for clothing and shoes, especially in the case of children’s clothing where items need replacing because of growth.

Let me help!

It can be difficult to find the time and, let's face it, the energy to get out to the shops with your brood in tow or to spend time browsing online looking for new clothes for them. You may have brought preloved before online and found that items weren’t as good as advertised. I have a genuine passion for recycling clothes, loving clothes currently in our homes, caring about the planet and reducing the ever-increasing financial burden placed on families. As a busy mum of three, I understand first-hand how much it costs to clothe children as they are growing, particularly when they are very small. I also understand the frustration of quickly building up piles of barely worn baby clothes and not knowing what to do with them all.

Cheap toddler clothes

My sole purpose is to help ease the burden and free you up to enjoy the things that matter to you. I have already worked hard to source and quality check beautiful preloved children's clothes, saving time for you. My site is full of cheap baby and children's clothes of real quality at totally affordable prices, and postage is calculated on weight. Grab a cuppa, sit back and browse my shop here. New items are uploaded weekly and can be filtered by gender, brand, size, condition, and type of clothing and sorted by price.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Kate x

My children. "My reason why" taken in Autumn 2020.

A teenage girl holding a baby boy sitting next to a toddler boy

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