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Preloved Childrens Clothes - how many adorable items are too many?

You may have heard more and more recently the term "Capsule wardrobe", but what is it? It's an elaborate way of saying you are purposeful about how many clothes you or your little one needs to avoid excess. You intentionally build a collection of interchangeable items to increase the number of different outfits that can be created.

Capsule wardrobes

Capsule wardrobes for preloved children's clothes are a great idea. If you are looking to cut down on the clutter, if you are short on space or if you often buy your children new clothes only to find that they aren't worn much or even at all, a capsule wardrobe may be the very thing for you. Preloved children's clothes might be the thing for you! Building a capsule wardrobe doesn't require much effort and doesn't mean you need to spend much money, especially when purchasing preloved children's clothes. Read on to find out how!

  • Check what you already have. Go through your children's clothes and put to one side everything that they have already grown out of or that you don't like. Decluttering can be freeing on many levels and help with the overwhelming feelings we sometimes encounter as parents. Let's face it, fewer clothes = less washing, which can only be positive. Right?

  • Think about your family's normal week. Are your little ones already in preschool, nursery or full-time school? Are they already wearing a uniform? Do they attend weekday after-school clubs or childcare? If the answer to these questions is "yes", consider how long they will wear clothes outside of this. If it is just weekends and holidays, you will not need a massive wardrobe bursting with clothes. Also, think about your current laundry routine; do you wash every day and have a constant supply of clean clothes, or do you have to leave it until perhaps the weekend because of other commitments? If you are turning around washing quickly, you won't need drawers bursting full of clean clothes!

  • Decide how many pieces of children's clothing work for you depending on your season. Your capsule wardrobe is unique to you. Jumpers and jeans don't need washing every single time you wear them, resulting in less wear and tear to your clothes and less work for you!

  • Identify any gaps and look for quality items to complete your wardrobe. These don't have to be brand-new pieces; some beautiful, individual, quality checked, preloved childrens clothes are on my website! Preloved Children’s Boutique has no minimum spend limit, and postage is calculated purely on weight. I also offer a build-your-own bundle discount of 10% off when purchasing more than five items.

Preloved Childrens clothes

Moving forwards, now you have your wardrobe created, shopping for clothes becomes much more creative as you look for interchangeable pieces to enhance what you already own. There are some beautiful preloved children's clothes currently in circulation, many of them here, on this website.

Once you have had your decluttering session, you might have suitable quality preloved childrens clothes you want to sell. Contact us to see if we can purchase them from you.

Have fun! x

A small  black fabric open fronted wardrobe with shelves filled with clothes.

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